Uses of Microprocessor Kit

Definition and know about Microprocessor

A kind of silicon chip which contains inside a Central Processing Unit(CPU). If you take any Pc the integral part or the heart of pc and workstations uses microprocessor.

Microprocessors controls the logic of almost all digital devices, from time clock to the latest radio’s and also to microprocessor is used in automotives

Uses of Microprocessor Kit

When you purchase a server microprocessor will be installed in your processor board, when you have added a microprocessor kit and when it is activated it converts your server into a symmetic multiprocessing it can be called as SMP server.With the help of SMP the operating systems and the programs which you use can have the processing weight of microprocessors. This helps in the act of enhancement in the part of database and counting of point of sales, Integrated Microprocessor kit can also help in built up solutions and other applications which are integrateds.


Intel which provides a Microprocessor called as 8088 Microprocessor. This 8088 processor consists of 16bit internal register width, 8088 Intel microprocessor has the capacity to address 1 Instruction rule set with a combination of other hardware architecture.

Popular Applications of Microprocessor

  • Home Usage appliances
  • INKjet,deskjet &,Laser Printers
  • Advanced Fax Machines
  • Personal desktop computer
  • Personal to scientific calculators