Definition of Ethernet

History of Ethernet

Initially a popular well known company Xerox has developed this Ethernet and then this hardware picked up its popularity and later on developed by DEC and Intel. Ethernet LAN uses coaxial kind of cables.

Definition of Ethernet

Ethernet  is a small piece of hardware  , it is mainly used in local area networks which help transferring of data from computers in a local area network through  a cable.

Basics of Ethernet

Technology that is meant for local area networks and with other networks operating in a single building primarily connected by a coaxial cable. Traditionally Ethernet can connect very less distance due to latest innovation and improvement in modem technology,it helps Ethernet networks to cover more than 50 to 100 kilometers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ethernet

Let me explain about some of the advantages of Ethernet. The first most advantage of setting up a LAN connection using Ethernet is very cheap. Secondly ,it can work with star and as well as bus topology. Thirdly, installation is not too complex compared to other types of networking. It is reliable and trustworthy to use it in a office or a home.

Ethernet has some disadvantages also, namely more traffic or requests to the network means delay in the whole system, Voice signals are an enemy of Ethernet doesn’t work well and also packet switching causes delay in time.